Wacker Neuson ST31 S05-6 Track loader Operator’s Manual

Wacker Neuson ST31 S05-6 Track loader Operator’s Manual

ST28 / ST31 SW16 / SW17 / SW20 / SW21

Wacker Neuson ST31 S05-6 Track loader Operator's Manual

Improper operation of the machine can result in serious injury or death. Before operating this machine, make sure to:Read and understand the Operator’s Manual.Read and understand all labels on the machine.Have training in the safe and proper use of the machine.Follow all applicable laws and regulations that pertain to this machine.

1Operator’s Manual Information on this Operator’s ManualThe document box for storing the Operator’s Manual is located on the rear of the operator seat.

This Operator’s Manual contains important information on how to work safely, correctly and economically with the machine. Therefore, it is intended not only for new personnel, but it also serves as a reference for experienced personnel.

The reliability and the service life of the machine will be increased by following the instructions in the Operator’s Manual.The operator must carefully read and understand the Operator’s Manual before starting up, servicing, or repairing the machine.

This Operator’s Manual will help to familiarize yourself with the machine, thereby enabling you to use it more safely and efficiently.This Operator’s Manual does not include information on attachments.Please contact your dealer if you require more information on the machine or the Operator’s Manual.

Wacker Neuson ST31 S05-6 Track loader Operator’s Manual

Wacker Neuson ST31 S05-6 Track loader Operator's Manual
Wacker Neuson ST31 S05-6 Track loader Operator's Manual
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Expectations for information in this manual

This manual provides information and procedures to safely operate and maintain this Wacker Neuson machine. For your own safety and to reduce the risk of injury, carefully read, understand, and observe all instructions described in this manual.

Wacker Neuson expressly reserves the right to make technical modifi-cations, even without notice, which improve the performance or safety standards of its machines

The information contained in this manual is based on machines manufactured up until the time of publication. Wacker Neuson reserves the right to change any portion of this information without notice.

The illustrations, parts, and procedures in this manual refer to Wacker Neuson factory-installed components. Your machine may vary depending on the requirements of your specific region.

2.2Machine Description and Intended UseDescriptionThe Wacker Neuson skid steer and compact track loaders are self-propelled work machines.These machines are versatile and powerful helpers for moving earth, gravel, and debris on construction sites and elsewhere. A wide range of attachments allow for numerous different applications of the machines in various environments.

When using these attachments, observe the legal regulations of your country and equip the machine with all the safety equipment required.The main components of the machine are:

Cab (standard equipment)
Water-cooled diesel engine
Hydraulic and electrical systems
Transporting the machine.
Operating the machine.
Servicing the machine and performing maintenance work.
Repairing the machine.

Radial loader lift arms or vertical loader lift arms (depending on model)Intended use
Pressurized cab (optional) reducing the effect of the outside environment (for example dust, odors, harsh temperatures)

In accordance with this designated use, the machine may only be used for moving earth, gravel, coarse gravel or ballast, and rubble. It may also be operated with approved attachments for additional applica-tions.

No other applications are designated for the use of the machine. Wacker Neuson will not be liable for damage resulting from use other than mentioned above. The operator alone will bear the risk.

Designated Use includes following the instructions set forth in the Operator’s Manual and following the maintenance schedule.

Machine safety can be negatively affected by performing machine modifications without proper authority and by using spare parts, equipment, attachments, and optional equipment which have not been approved by Wacker Neuson. Wacker Neuson shall not be liable for personal injury and/or damage to property caused by failure to follow the safety instructions on labels and in this Operator’s Manual.

Machine operation

When entering and exiting the machine, face the machine and use three points of contact with the handholds and steps.

Start and operate the machine only when you are seated and you have fastened your seat belt.
Stop the engine before releasing the seat belt.
Always keep the attachments or work equipment close to the ground.
Keep the load low when moving on slopes—up, down, and across.
When traveling or operating on slopes, move or work uphill or downhill.
Always keep the load on the uphill side of the machine.
If traveling across a slope cannot be avoided, bear in mind the tilting limit of the machine and the ground conditions.
On sloping terrain, always adapt your travel speed to the prevailing ground conditions.
Never get on or off a moving machine, and do not jump off the machine.
The machine’s controls require practice before an operator becomes familiar with their responses.
Therefore, adjust travel speed to your abilities and the surroundings.
The machine may have selectable ground drive and loader controls. Make sure to understand how the machine will operate with the selected control pattern.
Do not allow anyone underneath a raised load.

Do not operate the machine before it has reached its operating temperature.Mechanical integrity.
Take the necessary precautions to make sure the machine is used only when in a safe and serviceable condition.

Operate the machine only if all protective and safety-oriented devices (rollover protection structure [ROPS], removable safety devices, soundproofing elements, mufflers, etc.) are in place and fully functional.

Do not modify the ROPS or falling object protective structure (FOPS) in any way unless instructed by the manufacturer. Unauthorized modifi-cations such as welding, drilling, cutting, or adding attachments could weaken the structure. If they become damaged or if a rollover occurs, replace the ROPS or FOPS. Do not attempt to repair them.

Check the machine for visible damage and defects. Report any changes, including changes in the machine’s function and response, to your supervisor immediately.

If the machine is functioning unpredictably or in event of malfunctions, turn off the machine immediately, remove the starting key, lock the front door (if equipped) and report the malfunction to a qualified technician or supervisor.

Safety-relevant damage or malfunctions of the machine must be repaired immediately.

Wacker Neuson ST31 S05-6 Track loader Operator’s Manual

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