Kubota 03-M-E3B Specs Fuel System Repair Service Manual

Kubota 03-M-E3B Specs Fuel System Repair Service Manual

Kubota 03-M-E3B SERIES Diesel Engine Workshop Manual

  1. Engine Type: Kubota 03-M-E3B is a liquid-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine.
  2. Displacement: The displacement of the engine is around 0.898 liters (54.8 cubic inches).
  3. Number of Cylinders: It is a 3-cylinder engine.
  4. Power Output: The power output of the Kubota 03-M-E3B engine varies depending on the specific model and configuration. However, it typically ranges from around 18 to 25 horsepower.
  5. Aspiration: The engine is naturally aspirated, meaning it does not have a turbocharger or supercharger.
  6. Cooling System: It features a liquid cooling system, which helps maintain the optimal operating temperature of the engine.
  7. Fuel System: The engine utilizes a direct injection fuel system, which improves fuel efficiency and performance.
  8. Electrical System: It has a 12-volt electrical system, including a starter motor and alternator for battery charging.

Kubota 03-M-E3B SERIES/ 03-M-DI-E3B SERIES/ 03-M-E3BG SERIES Diesel Engine Workshop Manual

Kubota 03-M-E3B Specs Fuel System Repair Service Manual

03-M-E3B Series,
03-M-Di-E3B Series,
03-M-E3Bg Series

1. Engine Identification…G-1
Model Name And Engine Serial Number ……. G-1
E3B Engine…G-3
Cylinder Number . G-3
2. General Precautions . G-4
3. Maintenance Checklist. G-5
4. Check And Maintenance. G-8
Daily Checkpoints. G-8
50 Hours…G-12
100 Hours…G-13
150 Hours…G-15
200 Hours…G-17
400 Hours…G-21
500 Hours…G-23
1 Or 2 Months…G-25
Year .. G-26
800 Hours…G-27
1500 Hours…G-28
3000 Hours…G-31
2 Years….G-34
5. Special Tools….G-38

Kubota 03-M-E3B SERIES Diesel Engine Workshop Manual
Kubota 03-M-E3B SERIES Diesel Engine Workshop Manual
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Information on the engine identification, the general precautions, maintenance check
list, check and maintenance, and special tools are described.


Information on the construction and function is included. This part should be
understood before proceeding with troubleshooting, disassembling, and servicing.
Refer to Diesel Engine Mechanism Workshop Manual for the one which has not been described in this workshop manual.

Information on the troubleshooting, servicing specification lists, tightening torque,
checking and adjusting, disassembling and assembling, and servicing which cover
procedures, precautions, factory specifications and allowable limits.

All information illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on
the latest product information available at the time of publication.

The right is reserved to make changes in all information at any time without notice.
Due to covering many models of this manual, information or picture being used have
not been specified as one model.

You are now the proud owner of a KUBOTA excavator. This excavator is a product of KUBOTA quality engineering and manufacturing. It is made of fine materials and under rigid quality control systems. It will give you long, satisfactory service. To obtain the best use of your excavator, please read this manual carefully.

It will help you become familiar with the operation of the excavator and contains many helpful hints about excavator maintenance. It is KUBOTA’s policy to utilize as quickly as possible every advance in our research.

The immediate use of new techniques in the manufacture of products may cause some small parts of this manual to be outdated. KUBOTA distributors and dealers will have the most up-to-date information. Please do not hesitate to consult with them.

Kubota 03-M-E3B Specs Fuel System Repair Service Manual

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