Komatsu 3D82AE 3D84E 3D88E Series Service Manual

Komatsu 3D82AE 3D84E 3D88E Series Service Manual


This Komatsu manual describes the service procedures for the TNV series engines of the indirect injection system that have been certified by the US EPA, California ARB, and/or the 97/68/EC Directive for industrial use.

Please use this manual for accurate, quick, and safe servicing of the said engine.

Since the explanation in this manual assumes the standard type engine, the specifications and components may partially be different from the engine installed on individual work equipment (power generator, pump, compressor, etc.).

Please also refer to the service manual for each work equipment for details.
The specifications and components may be subject to change for the improvement of the engine quality without notice. If any modification of the contents described herein becomes necessary, it will be notified in the form of correction information each time.


z Most accidents are caused by the negligence of basic safety rules and precautions. For accident
prevention, it is important to avoid such causes before developing into accidents.

Please read this manual carefully before starting repair or maintenance to fully understand safety precautions and appropriate inspection and maintenance procedures.

Attempting at a repair or maintenance job without sufficient knowledge may cause an unexpected

z It is impossible to cover every possible danger in repair or maintenance in the manual. Sufficient
consideration for safety is required in addition to the matters marked. Especially for safety precautions in a repair or maintenance job not described in this manual, receive instructions from a knowledgeable leader.

Komatsu 3D82AE 3D84E 3D88E Series Service Manual
Komatsu 3D82AE 3D84E 3D88E Series Service Manual
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Komatsu 3D82AE 3D84E 3D88E Series Service Manual

Precautions for Service Work

(1) Precautions for Safety

Read the safety precautions given at the beginning of this manual carefully and always mind safety in

(2) Preparation for Service Work

Preparation is necessary for accurate, efficient service work. Check the customer ledger file for the
history of the engine.

z Preceding service date
z Period/operation hours after preceding service
z Problems and actions in preceding service
z Replacement parts expected to be required for service
z Recording form/check sheet required for service

(3) Preparation before Disassembly

z Prepare general tools, special service tools, measuring instruments, oil, grease, non-reusable parts,
and parts expected to be required for replacement.
z When disassembling complicated portions, put match-marks and other marks at places not
adversely affecting the function for easy reassembly.

(4) Precautions in Disassembly

z Each time a part is removed, check the part installed state, deformation, damage, roughening,
surface defect, etc.
z Arrange the removed parts orderly with a clear distinction between those to be replaced and those to
be used again.
z Parts to be used again shall be washed and cleaned sufficiently.
z Select especially clean locations and use clean tools for disassembly of hydraulic units such as the
fuel injection pump.

(5) Precautions for Inspection and Measurement

Inspect and measure parts to be used again as required to determine whether they are reusable or not.

(6) Precautions for Reassembly

z Reassemble correct parts in the correct order according to the specified standards (tightening torques,
and adjustment standards). Apply oil important bolts and nuts before tightening when specified.
z Always use genuine parts for replacement.
z Always use new oil seals, O-rings, packing, and cotter pins.
z Apply sealant to packing depending on the place where they are used. Apply of grease to sliding
contact portions, and apply grease to oil seal lips.

(7) Precautions for Adjustment and Check

Use measuring instruments for adjustment to the specified service standards.

Komatsu 3D82AE 3D84E 3D88E Series Service Manual

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