Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Manual

Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Manual

Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Repair Workshop Manual Download

The Case WX148 is a compact and versatile wheeled excavator that offers powerful performance and excellent maneuverability. Here are the specifications of the Case WX148:

  1. Operating Weight: The operating weight of the Case WX148 is approximately 14,000 kg.
  2. Engine Power: The excavator is equipped with a powerful engine that provides a maximum power output of 97 kW (130 HP).
  3. Bucket Capacity: The bucket capacity of the Case WX148 ranges from 0.2 to 0.8 cubic meters, allowing for efficient material handling and excavation.
  4. Maximum Digging Depth: The maximum digging depth of the WX148 is approximately 5,790 mm, enabling it to reach deep into the ground for various excavation tasks.
  5. Maximum Reach: The maximum reach of the excavator is around 8,570 mm, allowing for extended reach capabilities and efficient material placement.
  6. Fuel Tank Capacity: The WX148 has a fuel tank capacity of approximately 215 liters, ensuring sufficient fuel for extended periods of operation.
  7. Travel Speed: The excavator can travel at a maximum speed of 34 km/h, facilitating quick movement between job sites and enhancing overall productivity.
  8. Dimensions: The WX148 has compact dimensions, with an overall length of approximately 7,920 mm, width of 2,490 mm, and height of 3,070 mm.
  9. Versatility and Attachments: The Case WX148 is designed to accommodate various attachments, such as buckets, hydraulic hammers, grapples, and augers, providing versatility to tackle a wide range of applications.
  10. Operator Comfort and Control: The excavator features a comfortable and ergonomic cabin that ensures operator comfort during long working hours. Intuitive controls and excellent visibility contribute to precise operation and enhanced productivity.

Case Wx148 Wheeled Manual

The Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Manual, power, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for construction projects that require maneuverability and efficient performance. Its robust construction, advanced features, and compatibility with various attachments enable it to handle a diverse range of tasks with ease and precision.

It covers every single element in your Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator. This manual is very beneficial in remedy and restoration. This guide got here with a full index. By having a reliable repair manual you no longer simplest shop money but get to enjoy DIY repair your personal vehicle.

Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Manual This manual is designed as a guide for the correct and safe use of the machinery and for its correct maintenance.

Always following the rules in the manual guarantees the best performance, operating economy and a long life for the
machine and also makes it possible to avoid the most common causes of accidents that may occur during work or
maintenance operations.

Read the manual carefully, paying special attention to the instructions regarding safety, operation and maintenance
to prevent risks or injury during usage or when carrying out maintenance operations on the machine.

Service Repair Manual Covers:

General Information
Fuel System
Electrical System
Drive Train
Undercarriage Hydraulics
Understructure Hydraulics
And More……

Even the most novice mechanic can without problems follow the step-through-step guides that are made easy through the illustrations and drawings.

Case Wx148 Workshop Manual, service manual & restore guide can without problems help you with any repairs that you may want to do. Many people are scared to touch their machines as it seems difficult. This is best genuine when you do now not have the sources and tools available for while that point comes! This manual will effortlessly pay for itself on the primary oil change, spark plug change, or air filter out change which you perform!

Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Repair Workshop Manual
Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Repair Workshop Manual
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Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Manual

The manual includes photos and easy to follow directions on what gear is wished and how the restore is performed. Just imagine how much you could keep by way of doing easy maintenance yourself. You can save everywhere from masses if now not thousands of dollars in repair bills by way of using this Case Service Repair Workshop Manual repair guide & service manual.

Many humans buy this guide simply to have it around for whilst the inevitable occurs. Sooner or later, preservation will need to be performed.

Case Wx148 Wheeled Excavator Service Manual

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