Case IH LB323 Operator Maintenance Manual

Case IH LB323 Operator Maintenance Manual

Large Square Baler

Case IH LB323, LB333, LB423, LB433 Operator Maintenance Manual

This manual has been prepared to assist you in the correct procedure for running in, driving, operating, adjusting and maintaining your new machine.

This machine has been designed and built to give maximum performance, economy, safety and ease of operation under a wide variety of crops and conditions.

Prior to delivery, your machine was carefully inspected both at the factory and by your dealer to ensure that it reaches you in optimum condition. To maintain this condition and ensure trouble-free operation it is important that routine services, as specified in this manual, are carried out at the recommended intervals.

Before attempting to drive or operate your machine, read this manual carefully (especially chapter covering the Safety Precautions) and keep it in a convenient place for future reference.

”Left” and ”right” used throughout this manual are determined from the rear, facing in the direction of travel of the machine during operation.

If at any time you require advice concerning your machine, do not hesitate to contact your authorised dealer. Who have factory-trained personnel, genuine service parts and the necessary equipment to carry out your service requirements.

This operating instruction manual serves as a guide for the correct use and maintenance of your machine. It must always be kept with the machine.

The recommendations for opera- tion, maintenance and the safety regulations must be thor- oughly read before you start the machine, work with the machine or perform maintenance work.

Become acquainted with all operating elements and all instructions and keep the operating instruction manual in the machine at a place where it is always at hand. If you lose the operating instruction manual you should immediately buy a new one.

Operators and maintenance persons should read this manual carefully and understand these instructions before use to avoid serious accident. For the convenience of relevant people using this manual, it should be easily accessable and kept in readable condition.

Case IH LB323 Operator Maintenance Manual

Table Of Contents

Intended use

Product identification

Airborne noise emission
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Vibration level information
Legal obligations
Safety requirements for fluid power systems and components
Precautionary statements
Personal safety
Machine safety
Safety precautions
Farm accidents can be prevented with your help
General recommendations
Electrical power lines:
Danger of death by electrocution!
Operating the baler
Transporting the baler
Field operation
Machine maintenance
Crop cutting system
Angle of operation
Wheels and tires
Safety decals
Decal Inspection and Maintenance
Decal locations

Needles/knotter safety lock
Access to machine components
Safety guards
Pick-up guards
Flywheel access door
Bale chamber inspection door both sides
Service platform
Knotter handrail and knotter flags
Knotter guard
Knotter fan guard
Protective devices
Lifting the baler
Baler overview
Front view
Right hand view
Left hand view

Rear end view
Description of operation

Attachment of baler to a tractor considerations
Controls, indicators and gauges
Flywheel brake
Tractor requirements
Horsepower requirements
Tractor drawbar / tow hitch
Tractor wheel setting
PTO shaft
attaching the baler to tractor

Tractor drawbar with PIN

Pin hitch type
Tractor drawbar with fixed ball hitch
Attachment of the hitch.

Case IH LB323, LB333, LB423, LB433 Operator Maintenance Manual
Case IH LB323, LB333, LB423, LB433 Operator Maintenance Manual
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Case IH LB323 Maintenance Manual